Where to Be for Free Guide Back for Stanley Cup!

No one sings O Canada louder these days than Vancouver hockey fans – see video

NPA City Council Candidate Mike Klassen has resurrected the popular Where to be for Free guide. Klassen encouraged blogger Daniel Fontaine to resurrect the guide, originally created for the 2010 Winter Olympics, for the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Where to be for Free guide provides a listing of venues that are hosting Stanley Cup events, a description of the venue and event, whether it is free or if there are costs, directions to the venue, if tickets or reservations are required, anything else they are offering like face painting, and a ‘family friendliness’ rating.

“Families helped create the friendly and fun environment that we had during the Olympics,” says Klassen. “We want to help families find ways to participate in the Stanley Cup experience.”

The guide can be found at citycaucus.com/stanleycup.

“This celebration is about the fans and I think it is important to get seniors, parents and kids involved. The guide is a good way to promote fun and safe celebration.” Klassen finished with “I think I can speak for the entire NPA team in saying, Go Canucks Go!”