R.E.M. at Gooseshit Lake

We’re gearing up for a fun night out tomorrow. R.E.M. + Modest Mouse and The National at Deer Lake Park. The weather forecast is warm and clear for this outdoor show.

I’ve never seen a gig at there, but I know every inch of that goose shit beach from my youth. I probably spent every summer in a paddle boat growing up at Burnaby’s Deer Lake when you could swim in it. Forget that today. Coliform is too high.

I won’t bore you with my R.E.M. reminiscences, the best of which is here. It was good enough way back when that a webmaster working at whitehouse.gov decided to drop me a line in response back in 1996.

R.E.M. have had some frustrating highs and lows in their career, but I can vouch for the quality of Accelerate, their latest disc. I quite like this acoustic version of the opening track, recorded spontaneously in a drive through Athens, GA back in September.

* * *

UPDATE: R.E.M. put on a very fine show at Deer Lake Park. Set was filled with a lot of early gems, and quite a few new songs. The venue was remarkably nice, a grassy amphitheatre a good distance from the messy beach area the Canadian Geese have made their hangout.