Taylor Effin Hawkins on the Drums!

Two words that describe Foo Fighter’s fabulous show at the Pacific Coliseum (I think I had the same seats as the 1980 Queen tour) on Sunday night are: Drum Solo. The 1970s rock convention has made a comeback with the Foos, who revel in over-the-top rock histrionics. Search YouTube and you get 3 pages of links to TH’s drum solos. Here’s a 2 min. clip with passable audio below.

I said to my wife as we left the show that most of the 20-something crowd would have barely remembered Dave Grohl’s other band Nirvana, which broke up 14 years ago this month after Cobain had his little incident with a shotgun. This is the first time Stacey and I have seen the Foo Fighters since Grohl’s original line-up played the Commodore Ballroom during MusicWest in 1995.