Happy April Fool’s Day (Monster Trucks at English Bay, 1994)

Morning radio shows all love to get into the game now of spoofing the public on April Fool’s Day, including CBC Radio One where a Senator inexplicably leaves his gold-plated-pension lifestyle for the rough and tumble of civic politics. Okay, sure.

There was the time that CKNW radio did a spoof around developing Lost Lagoon. If you really want to make the Lost Lagoon idea strike a nerve, how about building a Casino on the lake? Or re-opening the lagoon to Coal Harbour and have a marina there? Start an Aqua Bus service across the pond with loud motorized boats that run until midnight? Come on, people, if you’re going to start a controversy give it some pizazz!

You want a good gag, IMHO, listen to what we did on Z95 FM on April 1st, 1994 (audio re-posted below). We got a lot of people really fired up that morning, which is the whole point of AFD Productions and “Karl Kruickshank,” my obnoxious character calling in from Dallas, TX.

A big shout to my great friend, the late Laura Janeshewski, for making this happen. She worked at the station at the time, and it was her idea to hold a Monster Truck show at English Beach. I just had to deliver it for Clay’s show, and in hindsight, it was pretty funny. Funny memory, we didn’t have a final reveal, so Clay woke me up the following morning to record it. You can hear it in my voice, I was still half asleep.