Vancouver Blogger Smackdown: Day Two


Evil? Oh, Duane. I represent the forces of good. A sort of White Knight of SEO.

Today, at this moment the results show me in the #5 spot. So close, yet so far from my goal. Duane, slipping, has been bumped by a meetup page.

Miss604, you're back in the running, placed between Duane and me on that first page.

Jonathon, I'm sorry, dude. But I had to step past you to reach my #1 spot for the search term Vancouver Blogger by Feb. 22nd and the opening of Northern Voice.

If could only fly a little higher, like Icarus rising toward the Sun. Instead of a fiery orb, I'm flying to Google's coveted #1 spot for Vancouver blogger, and I'm praying that my wings hold out.