Dear CRTC, it’s time to put this regulation on ice

Hey Canada, do you want HBO? Sorry, but Corus Entertainment, a company that just recorded its highest profit ever this week, doesn’t want you to have it.

Read the Globe and Mail’s story, Corus wants lockout kept on U.S. channels for more info.

If I have a choice, I try to avoid watching US programs on Canadian networks. Most often however, I get to watch the Canadian feed on the US channel which, from what I understand, the CRTC disallows but still doesn’t enforce.

Is it possible we might trade-in our Canadian citizenship if we get over saturated by US TV advertising? Or does our national pride grow with repeated viewings of Telus or Crappy Tire ads?


A follow-up to this item, read comments on Globe and Mail about this topic, and you’ll see a LOT of agreement that it’s time to can blocking out superior programming from outside Canada.