Seth Godin’s Hard Work

Seth Godin has created a compelling yet simple matrix to describe his idea of Hard Work vs taking the easy route.
Quoting Seth’s earlier article on this topic for Fast Company:

These days, 35% of the American workforce sits at a desk. Yes, we sit there a lot of hours, but the only heavy lifting that we’re likely to do is restricted to putting a new water bottle on the cooler. So do you still think that you work hard?
…It’s hard work to make difficult emotional decisions, such as quitting a job and setting out on your own. It’s hard work to invent a new system, service, or process that’s remarkable. It’s hard work to tell your boss that he’s being intellectually and emotionally lazy. It’s easier to stand by and watch the company fade into oblivion.

To me, Godin describes a condition of being a leader vs running with the pack. Who are the leaders in your life, at your work, or on your block?
Would you know one if you saw one?