About Mike Klassen

I was born in Vancouver and raised on the Eastside, where my wife Stacey and I currently live and raise our daughter Sophie. I am an avid runner and gardening enthusiast, as well as a BC wine and wine travel enthusiast.

My occupation is as Vice President, Communications and Stakeholder Relations with the BC Care Providers Association. Prior to this I ran my consultancy TCG Public Affairs, working with government, non-profit and private sector clients, primarily focused on economic development. Among my most recent assignments was serving as Executive Director of the BC Wine Appellation Task Group, an independent industry committee supported by the BC Minister of Agriculture.

In my previous role as Director of Provincial Affairs, British Columbia, for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) I led a team in support of 10,000 small and medium-sized member businesses in B.C., spearheaded our lobbying of the provincial and local governments, and served as media spokesperson.

I am a President on PAL Vancouver‘s board of trustees, as well as the Vancouver Chapter Director for PAL Canada. I served as a member of the BC Small Business Roundtable, and I was Vice-Chair of both the DOXA documentary festival board and the Vancouver City Planning Commission (2007 – 2009)

I am a columnist with Vancouver Courier and have been a writer on politics and public affairs for numerous publications including the Vancouver Sun, The Province, 24 Hours Vancouver and Huffington Post. With my colleague Daniel Fontaine I co-founded the popular blog City Caucus in December 2008, retiring it in July 2012 after reaching 5,000,000 page views!

Just in time for Vancouver’s Winter Olympics I co-created an online guide to free events held during the 2010 Games which attracted over 2 million visits. Thanks to the guide’s impact on Vancouver, BC’s Olympic success, I was publicly credited by the provincial Minister in charge with helping to turn around British Columbians’ surly attitude toward the 2010 Games. They became a glorious high-fiving community celebration and welcome-the-world party, and I’ll always be very proud of this contribution toward building Vancouver’s worldwide reputation.

mike [at] mikeklassen.net -or- tel/txt +1 604-377-5499

About This Website

A published writer since 1989 and web “blogger” since 1995, my articles have been read by tens of thousands from around the globe, attracting responses from North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and even from a WhiteHouse.gov webmaster during the Clinton administration.

“I have employed all the Wit and Humour of which I am Master in the following History; wherein I have endeavoured to laugh Mankind out of their favourite Follies and Vices. How far I have succeeded in this good Attempt, I shall submit to the candid Reader, with only two Requests:

First, that (s)he will not expect to find Perfection in this Work; and

Secondly, that (s)he will excuse some Parts of it, if they fall short of that little Merit which I hope may appear in others.”

Henry Fielding, 1749
Preface to
Tom Jones

As with the quote from Fielding’s momentous novel Tom Jones, my words and ideas are humbly submitted to readers on this website in the hope they will enjoy some part of them.